Double Retro Dip

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Double Retro Dip

Post by kerr9000 » Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:03 pm

Ok just for fun here take an Old game and then an Old Film, Cartoon or TV series and explain how you would combine the two in to something you think would be cool.

To start things off I will give an example. I would take the video game Series Bloody Roar and combine it with the Guyver Series (anime/ and or film).

So in Bloody Roar you pick human fighting characters who have the ability to turn into beast forms and continue fighting. In the Guyver series you have a guy who can call alien armour to cover him and he fights people who can change into mutant type monsters. So basically here we would have a fighting game where characters are regular guys and gals one moment and then can mutate to get bigger stronger and have a new move set.

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